More Break and Enters in Rockwood


More break and enters in Rockwood over the week end. Wellington County OPP  received several calls with regards to vehicles being broken into over night the area of Carroll Street, MacLennan Street, Henry Street and on to Parkedge Street in the Town of Rockwood. Suspects moved through the community checking for unlocked vehicles, entering when possible and pilfering items of value or loose change and cigarettes. In one instance a fire extinguisher was stolen and discharged into another vehicle two houses over. The value of items stolen was primarily minimal with the exception of a laptop.

Two reports were also received of stolen bikes from Rockwood Conservation area during that time frame.

The LOCK IT OR LOSE IT campaign is a crime prevention program that reminds the public to lock their vehicles and to remove the valuables and keys from within. This helps reduce the motivation and likely hood of property crimes of these types.

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