Paul Deacon — Saturdays Noon to 3 PM

Paul Deacon

Yes, that is a real British accent! Paul is your Saturday afternoon host at the Grand mixing music with comedy.

You're likely to hear a song from Beyonce followed by The Queen chatting about Justin Trudeau in her 'little corner of the Commonwealth called Canada'. All the skits, impressions and parody songs you hear are voiced and produced by Paul. He won an award in 2010 for Best Entertainment Producer.

Born and raised in the UK, Paul started in radio industry in 1983, working at the BBC. He and his family moved to Canada in 2010 and Paul worked for a while at CBC.

Paul is also an in-demand voiceover for radio and TV commercials, his English accent helping to sell everything from cars to condos.

Paul has an extensive musical appreciation and knowledge of many types of music including rock, pop, jazz and classical.

He also enjoys photography, art, cooking, collecting vinyl records and trail walking.