Curt Dunat | Barb Andrews — Saturdays 7 PM to 9 PM

Curt Dunat | Barb Andrews

Barb Andrews and Curt Dunat have been playing the radio game for over 20 years, and are excited to be back on the air.  Barb’s radio tour has seen stops in K-W, Hamilton, Cambridge, Guelph, and Toronto, while Curt has remained in the quad cities making a name for himself via feature programming and character voices. 

Every Saturday, from 7-9pm, Barb and Curt bring you “Off The Charts”, a program that features trends, headlines, and music from a specific year.  Each week, play along and guess the mystery link that connects three songs.  You can listen for hints throughout the show.  Barb and Curt look forward to spending Saturday nights with you, so be sure to cancel your plans.

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