The Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) supports the Ontario Chamber of Commerce on calling on the Government of Ontario to immediately repeal the drastic labour reforms introduced by Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act, 2017. Recent testimonials from the Ontario business community showcase a common theme - the unwarranted labour reforms established by the previous government were too much, too fast and have significantly limited their ability to maintain or grow the workforce they need to be competitive. 

Businesses in Centre Wellington have changed their business hours, laid off staff, and seen narrow margins shrink further as real consequences from this legislation’s lack of substantive stakeholder consultation and unrealistic implementation timelines.  Business owners are feeling the financial and human resource burden.

Premier Ford has pledged to make Ontario ‘Open for Business’ by implementing policies that make it easier to invest, start, and grow a business in the Province as well as build an economy that connects workers to jobs.

To do this, the repeal of Bill 148, as is law now, is necessary.

Over the coming weeks, the Ontario Chamber Network will showcase testimonials about the impacts of these legislative changes, such as the need for businesses to decrease staff hours and capital investment, and increase reliance on automation.

While the CWCC realizes the efforts towards a living wage in the form of the minimum wage remaining at of $14 an hour, the Ontario business community must be appropriately consulted, and a comprehensive economic impact analysis needs to be completed before any further changes to employment legislation are made.

The Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to working collaboratively with the provincial government to strengthen business competitiveness and economic prosperity in communities across Ontario.